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The Terms presented on this page contain important information about your legal rights and obligations and should be read carefully. These Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between you and Telmo Serrano. By using Telmo Serrano Music's website and services, you agree to the terms described herein. Telmo Serrano reserves the right to change, add or delete any part of the Terms and Conditions by updating the content of this page. It is your responsibility to visit this page periodically in order to check for updates. Telmo Serrano may discontinue, at any moment and at its sole discretion, its website without prior notice.


Key Words


  • “Telmo Serrano” , "Telmo" means the author and owner of www.telmoserranomusic.com

  • “Website” means Telmo Serrano's online platform: www.telmoserranomusic.com

  • “Client” or “Clients” means a person or persons who use(s) the website, contacts or acquires any Telmo Serrano's service, including, without limitations, users who are browsers, vendors, customers, and/or merchants.

  • “Content” means all the graphics, audio, text, information, or any other materials included on Telmo Serrano’s website. This also applies to all the graphics, audio, text, information, or any other materials included in Telmo Serrano's uploads and emails, as well as any content shared or uploaded by clients.

  • “Musical composition” means a musical piece in digital format.

  • “Service” means all the services provided by Telmo. These services include but are not limited to: “Custom Music Production”; “Mixing and Mastering Audio”; “Remixing”; “Custom Ghost Music Production”, " Mentoring". The request for any type of service which is not presented on Telmo Serrano’s website is also included in the key term “service”.

  • “Review” means a review provided by a client.



01 |  Website Content

All the content, layout, and structure of the website are the property of Telmo Serrano. The website and its constituent parts may not be copied, distributed, modified, reproduced, or posted on other sites without prior written permission from Telmo Serrano.

02 |  Service Type

2.a.     All the services are limited to digital format materials. Therefore, these services do not have a physical existence.

2.b.     Any service may be modified or discontinued from the website at any time without prior notice.


03 |  Privacy Policy

3.a.     Telmo provides all the confidentiality regarding the identity and/or any other information provided by the client if the clients require it. As an exception, I will only share information that was previously provided by the client if a legal authority requires it.

3.b.      All the information provided by the client is voluntarily submitted.

3.c       Telmo may ask the client  (s) for personal information, such as the client’s name or email address.

3.d.     Telmo may ask the client (s) for any information related to the purchase of any service. This information refers to the client's project, his or her artistic preferences, purposes of the purchase, or any other aspect that might be considered relevant to the proper delivery of the service.

3.e.      Telmo may ask the client (s) for information regarding the payment process, such as a PayPal address, IBAN or tax number.

3.f.       All the information provided by the client is regularly backed up.

3.g.      Telmo does not collect credit card information.

3.h.      This website does not use cookies.

3.i.       This website may use external links, and we are not responsible for the privacy policies practiced by third party websites.

3.j.       Telmo may send promotional emails, newsletters, or any other non-marketing commercial email to our clients.

3.k.      Telmo will not post clients’ reviews without their permission.

3.l.       Telmo will not use the client’s name in the website reviews or use any other name that could identify the client if the client asks not to be identified. Telmo will only use the Client's name if the client decides to have their name on the review.


04 |  Billing and Refund Policy

4.a.   The payment of any service is performed through PayPal, Bank Transfer or eCheck. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the client declares that he/she has a registered PayPal account, or his eligible to perform a bank transfer or perform a payment with eCheck.

4.b.    Telmo Serrano has the right to change the price of any service presented on this website at any time.

4.d.    Telmo Serrano may charge additional fees on services if that is agreed upon between Telmo and the client.

4.e.    Telmo Serrano does not provide any refund over any percentage or monetary value if there is a promotional action or another sort of price drop occurs in his services.

4.f.     All payments are non-refundable, meaning Telmo doesn’t provide a refund for any previously purchased services.


05 |  Taxes

The client is responsible for paying any governmental taxes that might be imposed on any purchase, including, but not limited to sales, use, or value-added taxes.


06 |  Responsibility

The purchase of any service(s) does not assume any form of publishing and/or licensing agreement by any third party.


07 |  Customer Review

7.a.     Telmo Serrano has the right to remove any review from the website, at any moment, and at his sole discretion.

7.b.     Telmo will only post any reviews on his website that were previously authorized by the client.


08 |  Governing Law

The Lisbon Judicial District was elected, namely the jurisdiction of the specialized court in intellectual property rights, to resolve any disputes that arise by these Terms and Conditions agreement and all the relationships emerging from it.


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