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Who am I, How I started, and managed my career

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I guess you might already figured out what my name is, and apart from that, I might say that I am currently based on the sunny coast of Portugal, and I work as a Music Producer. Now, for those who landed directly on this page and don't have a clue about who I am, and quoting the "about me" section - I can say that "I help other Artists, Songwriters, Companies and Audio & Media Industry Professionals to translate their vision into an unforgettable piece of art. That said, I produce, mix and master music for a considerable variety of projects and genres, where my goal is to get you a quality "market-ready" work at an affordable price."

  • "ok Cool, what's your background then?"

Well, music production has been my life's work for over a decade.

Rolling back to the begining, at first I got myself a copy of Dance Ejay when I was still in high school - if you haven't heard about it, it was the simplest music creation software back then, where you take these pre-made loops and build your "own" music. After messing around with such software for a while, I decided to get into Djing. After highschool's graduation and still being on my teenage years, I was able to get a job and afford to be a DJ, as I directed all my money for a pair of turntables, a mixer, some vinyls and a pair of monitors. For over a year, I invested my paychecks mostly on vinyl, as I was absolutely in love by the DJing practice. After some time, I took a quick music production course which allowed me to understand all the music production concepts, and get the technical side of music production. During this time I began to get requested to play at a few Techno parties, start sharing decks with top national DJs, and everything seemed to be headed nicely...


A little after concluding the production course, and investing all my income from my first job on music, I woke up one day and my ears were completely clogged, buzzing, and super sensitive to any sort of sound. This has made me canceled about a dozen shows, as health comes first. I stayed like that for a whole year and directed my efforts into music production instead of DJ'ing. Even tho I wasn't in perfect conditions to produce music, I was able to produce under a low volume basis. As it seemed, all of this was caused by a sinus problem which got fixed by a correction cirurgy later on.

I never gave up!

So, I persisted working endlessly, as after my day job (9 am to 6 pm) I got into music production work from the time I got home until, sometimes, 2 or 3 am. A few years later I got back to school, this time I went for a college education. I was keep developing my technicall expertise on a daily basis, and then I got my first release - a Psytrance album - which for my surprise, had my demo accepted at my first shot, by one of the leading PsyTrance record labels at the time. I mainly produced Psy Trance for a couple of years, released a few singles and another album. After this, I moove on and tried producing different genres, so I started producing House, Progressive House, and Electro under different alias. As I kept raising my standards from track to track, new support appear from interesting Top Dj Mag artists, having my tracks played on international radio shows, like for example the Pete Tong's show at BBC Radio One, and then I set my goal to get professional.

At this time I was still in college, concluding a master degree in Psychology, while doing my internship, writing a master thesis , making music, and exploring all the viable options about making a career out of music and then the idea of selling some of my unreleased tracks popped out of my head. As this happened, I contacted the only website that was selling ghost produced tracks at the time - Ghost Production is: When the producer sells and transfer his work's master and rights for a price - and so, I shared a few tracks with those guys, they accept my work, uploaded them to the store, and within less than 2 hours I got a couple of track sold.

Although Ghost Music Production wasn't in my plans, this was the beginning of an Era, as I was being paid to do what I love the most, and later I became the top selling producer of that Ghost production website. Even tho I have my genres of preference, I was also being pushed to work on different music projects, which brought growth to my range of expertise. So, right after concluding my master degree, I went full time and never looked back. Since then I have helped over 150 clients to have their vision into music, where some have managed to release their works on record labels that I would only dream of back in the days. During this period, I also had my first contact producing for an Informercial Video, which later inspired me to explore the potential of licensing my music for TV/Films and/or commercials. This led me to approach music differently, and in 2018 I began to produce tracks that would have a more atmospheric sense, sometimes an acoustic feel, which took me study and trying to learn more about the process of composing for Orchestra, as I found it essential for the skill's palette of a Media Composer/Producer, which is something that I would always love to work at.

  • Present

At the present moment I'm Producing, Ghost Producing, Mixing and Mastering mostly on the Dance Music field, but also diversifying and producing Media oriented music. I must stress the word "mostly", as sometimes I managed to work out of my area of expertise, where I had the chance to work in Synth based tracks, Pop, Chill Out, etc.

Bottom line, I must consider that expanding my field of expertise to a considerable number of genres was a positive turn, as it boosts my confidence every time I needed to embrace a every new project that would come into my hands. However, I know my own limitations, which sometimes led me to request the services of some highly talented musicians who have helped me over the years to get to the standards that I set to my self. Knowing such amazing people is super useful!

This might gives you the impression that I am claiming that I know how to produce everything, and that is not true - I have my areas of expertise, and genres or projects that could be discussed - In the meanwhile, if I feel that I won't add any value to a client, I prefer to recomend someone I trust, instead of doing a "meh..." job.

  • Future

I consider to keep working on my musical career, keep doing what I have been doing so far, and considering seriously to release some original artist content as well.


That is all for now folks. Hope you liked the read!

Will talk soon




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