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Quick Tip: Panning properly in Dance Music

Someone asked me a question about Panning in House Music - what should be considered?!

The way I see it...

..."when it comes to panning in House music, you probably want to consider the Mono/Side relation rather than the L/R. Panning Left and Right some elements could be cool to keep the track interesting, however, in terms of how the track work as a whole, and considering that it will be played on the dancefloor, M/S should be your main focus. Have in mind that sometimes, that track will be played on a Dual Mono Sound system, so at least, your Mono field should be flawless. Also, too much Side power and you might feel the track a bit "lost-in-space", or too "distant", and elements might not feel properly bond together. In the other hand, a full mono track, or a track lacking power in Side field, and you loose that "embracing/round" feeling that can make a track feel "BIG", and that might be a dancefloor killer as well.

In the end, it is all about balance, like anything in life. This of course, is just a way of doing it, and that might differ from track to track.

Reference listening to other tracks in Mono mode, and also in Side mode, could be very helpful sometimes."

* Freebie plugin to check your M/S and L/F fields: Brainworx's "BX Solo"

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