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(Quick Tip) Layering Drums - Getting that Kick right!

When producing Electronic Music, you are probably aware that you need to have an absolutely flawless kick and bassline relation, as I consider this as one of the many Dance Music production foundations to get your track to sound right and to translate well in any sound system. However, for now, I will just talk about the Kick.

Sometimes you get that kick into your audio track and voilá, it is perfect! A few peaks in the EQ, here and there and it is already working with the bassline like a charm...However, most of the time that doesn’t happen, and add a second audio track with a secondary kick which will reinforce your actual kick. That is also, why you see some Dance Music sample developers starting to add samples called “Top Kick” to their packs.

It seems like a simple technic, and it might be after some practice, but it is something you must be careful about, as you might start to experience frequency conflicts (probably on the lows, and low mids). This way, it is highly recommended that on the top kick you start too high passing your kick, and play it together with the main kick until you’ve felt that there is no conflict. Once that is done you can always work on the equalization of both kicks, to bring the best out of the two, in order for you to get you a final kick sound that works nicely with your track’s mix.




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