Music Production for Artists

You have a vision, you want to be listened to! For that to happen, you will need someone who's on the same page as you, someone who respects and think through your ideas.

Having an artist background myself leads me to understand such points with special care and attention. That being said, I will be able to craft your ideas into a professional sounding piece of art.

I will be able to help you in a wide variety of genres such as Pop, Dance Music, Hip Hop and many more. 

Music Production for Picture

I will be able to help you express emotions via Music into film, publicity, presentation, youtube video, or any other media format. 

Having worked in a multiplicity of musical genres ables me to produce a wide variety of audio content, that goes from simple corporate-infomercial music to a Hybrid Orchestral Cinematic sound. All depending on your needs.

Editing & Song Improvement

Your music needs some final tweaks before getting a final mix and mastering job, or, you basically just have a scratch of your track. If you are at this stage, I might be the right guy for you!

I will work through your ideas, give my feedback on what you already have, and work together in a way that we will find the best approach for your music!

"What is the process?"

01 |  First, you will need to fill the Contact Form on this website. You should be as specific as possible about your project, what is your goal, the type of sound that you are after, any reference artists or tracks/songs, what is your music project and how do you sound, or any other information that you think is important. You can use any uploading platform to share your files, such as SendSpace or Dropbox, etc.

02|  I will give you my feedback, an estimated Date Of Delivery, the project's cost and a contract.

03|  After a 30% deposit and getting the signed contract, I will start working on your project, and I will keep you informed about the project's development, getting you a preview link as soon as I will have something considered to be final, or ready to be listened to.

04|  After your feedback, I will re-adjust to your comments or declare it final.

05|  Once your project is considered final, I will transfer all the files after the remaining 70% deposit is provided.

"How much will it cost?"

There isn't a specific cost for each service, as it will depend on a variety of factors. These factors could be based on how much time the project will consume, the funds available, deadline, if I will have any royalties or credit, and many more. I can't promise that I will be dead cheap or it will cost a country's GDP, all I can promise is that I will try to find the best solution that works both parts, as I can be flexible in terms of the costs per job.

"How long will it take?"

I consider myself to be in the middle regarding my speed of execution. I am a perfectionist by nature, who likes to give attention to every detail, and that costs an extra bit of time. In the meanwhile, over the years I've perfected my ability to get the best out of the time I have available. On the TIME aspect, all I can ensure you is that I will not make you wait forever for your project's conclusion, and I will deliver your work very close to the expected Date-of-Delivery.

"Why should I choose you?"

There is a sea of online music producers you can choose, and I can't promise that you will be the next Adele, Ed Sheeran or Post Malone, all I can promise is that I will invest the same energy and passion in your project, as it would be my own! I can say that you will get a competitive track that will have the potential to stand out in today's over-saturated market.  

You will get an honest friend, and that means that I will give you my true insight on your work + what should be done to push the best out of it.  You will get someone who works with extremely talented musicians when the project requires some advanced skills that aren't my "playground". Bear in mind that, although my range of musical genres might cover a considerable number  of styles, if I feel that I won't bring any value to you, I will be happy to recommend you a producer of my trust, as I am here to help people having great stuff that they can show to the world!

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