"How it works?"

01 |  Hit the "Buy Now" button and send your work (if any) via email or via Contact Form. If you wish to schedule a mentoring session via phone or skype call, please mention the date and the hour (UTC Lisbon/London) that you are available, and we will schedule the date that fits both parts.

02|  By email or Contact Form: give it about 2 or 3 working days until you get your questions answered or your track reviewed.

03| By email or Contact Form: Questions regarding my review/mentorship will arise, you will have one Q/A email included.

I will provide you an extensive review and analysis of your work or answering any technical questions that you got.


The price per email review, skype or phone call is  35$

  • Maximum of 30-minute duration per call.

"What would I get?"

  • You will get a dynamic report with a visual graph plus the analysis of how it behaves in streaming platforms; 

  • You will get my insight regarding your track's mix - any genre is accepted, from Blues, to Rock, to Pop, EDM, HipHop, Classical, etc;

  • I will consider the dynamic process (compression, transient design, volumes per section, and more);

  • I will consider the equalization and check for problematic frequencies; 

  • I will consider how the effects were used, the stereo image and how well the mid/side are designed; individual channel volume and individual instrument;

  • I will compare your track to industry Top references;

  • You will get some extra tips on how to get the best out of your work.

"Why should I have my track reviewed?"

  • You will have someone listening to your work who's ears are fresh. Someone who didn't spend hours or even days, working to those same sounds over and over. My distance might reveal some details that you might be missing due to exhaustion;

  • I am a former Record Label owner, and with that mindset, I will give you my input whether if your track seems to be ready for submission;

  • You will be able to fix the track yourself before sending it to your mixing or master engineer;

  • You will have the perspective of someone who will analyze your work with a critical mindset, instead of the regular "pat on the back" compliment.

Final thoughts

I am no Music Guru or Music Sensei or whatever, I am just a guy who makes music and loves what he does. My technical overview is based on my experience and should be considered just as my personal view. I am human, so, like everybody else, I am not flawless on my presumptions. That being said, all I can promise you is that I will take a critical and deep listening of your work, and I will share my points.  

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