"Who is Telmo Serrano?" 

I am a Music Producer who helps other Artists, Songwriters, Companies, and Media Industry Professionals to translate their vision into an unforgettable piece of art.

I produce, mix and master music for Dance, Pop, Hip-Hop and Media projects as infomercials, presentations or publicity. I will ensure that you get a competitive "market-ready" work at an affordable price.

"How would I help you?"

Your success is my success too, as I am here to help you achieve your goals! I have worked in most Dance Music subgenres, like House, Future Bass, Techno, Trap,  and many more. In the last years, I have been working in Pop and Hip-Hop, as well as, TV and Commercial music like Infomercial music, Audio Logos for brands or Orchestral/Cinematic pieces. All to say, that all my work developed over the years helped me to ensure that by the time you reached me, I would have the right tools to assist in every way possible.

What people say

"Telmo is amazing! We have known each other for many years and I've always trusted his skillset. He has already mixed, mastered, produced and collaborated with me in a considerable number of occasions. Super Happy and I Recommended him!!!"

Mikhael Morozov, from SyntheticSax Project

(Remixing, Dance Music Production,

Mixing & Mastering)



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